Side Covering Door Protection

Off road accessory Located under the category plated body side protection products, which is often preferred terrain vehicles in Turkey L200 , Amarok , Hilux , Ford ranger It is fully compatible with brand vehicles such as. Also is also 4×4 – 4×2 off-road vehicles and vans suitable for side trim Door protection body coating models are available, and you can order these products quickly and safely with affordable prices and installment options for all credit cards.
With stylish looking body coating products for your off-road vehicle, protect the side and door sections of your vehicle against impacts and scratches, while adding value to the exterior. 80 percent of our members to off-road vehicles side door protection and coating its products dodic suits , moonvisor and hood relief It orders and applies it as an ornament with its products.
How are the side door covers, body protection and door protection products installed on the off-road vehicle?
These products are easily mounted on the hood of the off-road vehicle without any drilling, with the help of double-sided tape and Dayson silicone. Likewise, the adhesive is softened with water and the product is easily removed from the vehicle.

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