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Frequently used as an off-road vehicle in the field in our country L200 , Amarok , Suzuki vitara , Nissan Navara, Pickup truck jeeps like Toyota Hilux and other off-road vehicles whose vital vein is the windpipe in those passages Snorkel, It is the first off road accessory product that offroaders who love to jump on the terrain, put on their vehicles. If the snorkel, which is vital for off road vehicles, is not active in your vehicle when you go to the field, it will be memorized as a bad memory that will result in water leakage into the engine of your 4×4 vehicle and the engine will pay very high costs in a medium stream – water passage. Off road accessory The first product that comes to mind when it comes to Off Road Snorkel You can choose the one suitable for your off-road vehicle among the models, and you can order immediately with reasonable prices and installment options for all credit cards.
Located at Offroad.ist snorkel models It is manufactured using fiberglass and ABS plastic raw materials.
How is a snorkel mounted? Snorkel mounting and usage areas:
Snorkel products compatible with 4s4 or 4×2 off-road vehicles are sent with the template picture required for piercing the hood. The vehicle hood is pierced according to this template and the internal connections are connected to the engine’s air intake. Some 4×4 and 4×2 vehicle owners use Snorkel products, which are among the off road accessory products, for ornamental purposes only by sticking them to the vehicle without piercing the hood.
Turkey is located off road accessories shops belonging to indigenous or imported examine models of snorkel, discover manufacturers who manufacture their products with affordable prices and snorkel in Turkey in order to support domestic production data immediately.
Did you order your snorkel? Compatible with your off-road vehicle, which is among the main off road accessory products dodik models Add a different touch to the look of your vehicle with.

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