— Off Road Upgrade Kit

Although your vehicle is a 4×4, it is not possible to enter everywhere in nature with a standard 4×4. It is indispensable to increase the driving ability of your off-road vehicle in nature. off road accessory You can start by choosing to upgrade your equipment. The ground clearance of your off-road vehicle is of great importance in terms of difficult pits you may encounter on the terrain. A classic 4×4 vehicle is only a few centimeters higher than a sedan, and this may not provide enough advantage in an off road driving situation. Upgrade equipment consists of 3 general types, including Get Upgrade, Trophy Upgrade, and Kit Upgrade. At Offroad.ist Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ WJ , Duster , Vitara , Grand vitara In addition to affordable upgrade kit models that are compatible with frequently used off-road vehicles such as SSangyong Freelander and Lada Niva There are also upgrade kit sets suitable for off-road vehicles. After your upgrade kit orders, the necessary picture for mounting on your vehicle is sent to you. In any industrial site, you can easily install and have the upgrade kit models available here in 2-3 hours on your vehicle.

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