Roof Basket

Offroad Accessory It is known that one of the first products that comes to mind when it comes to roof basket ç Because the roof basket creates space to carry the camping gear with you. In addition, with additional loads that can be attached to the basket, you can enter deep pits during off-road driving and you will not have any problems because the load on you is tied despite the skidding. Led bar, projector or lamp on the front or rear section off road lighting you can assemble the equipment. Ceiling basket If you do not have a place on your off-road vehicle, you must install intermediate scarf It is mounted on the carrier system known as the name. Although some roof baskets can be mounted to the carrier bars on the vehicle without applying intermediate wefts, they are not recommended. If your vehicle does not have a carrier bar or intermediate crossbar to be able to install a roof basket, you must provide it. Advertisements on include intermediate weft or carrier bar options. If you wish, you can order this way, or browse through the intermediate scarf products. The ceiling baskets in are manufacturer products and can be customized as you wish. You can determine the paint, size or shape of your basket before ordering as you wish, and you can add sections such as ladder and spare wheel. You can contact us via our whatsapp line or use the message section in the sub-sections of the advertisement to meet with the manufacturing authorities. On-board ceiling baskets in are sent by contracted cargo. It costs an average of 70 TL for domestic shipping. is also very popular L200 , Grand vitara , Duster , Suzuki vitara In addition to off-road basket models that are perfectly compatible with such models, there are also basket options suitable for other off-road vehicles. Recently popular ROLL BAR BASKET products are also available in the overhead basket section. Roll bar basket products allow you to use the van feature of your off-road vehicle whenever you want. With the ability to remove and install the basket on it, you can put loads larger than the neck behind your vehicle whenever you want. Also removable roof rack type roof box You can also browse the models and determine your decision according to your needs. You can order your favorite roof basket model for your 4×4 -4×2 off-road vehicle at an affordable price and installment options for all credit cards.[wpf-filters id=”19″]

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