Vehicle Mounted Tent

Welcome to on-board tent section. All vehicle-top tent models in this section are seamlessly compatible with every segment of vehicle. All vehicle top tent models featured here are perfectly compatible with any type of sedan or 4-door vehicle from a single-door hatchback car.
On-board tent products that turn off-road vehicles into a delightful boutique hotel in nature off road accessory is on the rise rapidly among its products. Tents, which were not so popular in the past, became active with the emergence of new brands and models. In this chapter Freecamping , Emerald , Gezz , Campermen , Brothers Camp and Mekik Motors Turkey is also included, such as products belonging to quality aerial tent manufacturer operating. Turkey are produced in two types of tents. These are the shell type tent models that can be opened up and down and the classic type on-board tents that can be opened and closed. On-vehicle tent models in have automatic opening and closing feature. They are all tried and sold satisfied, on-board tent models.
How is the tent mounted on the vehicle? The tent on the vehicle will be mounted on the carrier bar section on your vehicle or in the grooves on the upper part of your vehicle. on-vehicle tent carrier (intermediate rail) It is easily mounted on the apparatus. The average assembly time of the tents in is 45 minutes. Vehicle top tent models in are waterproof, odor-proof and not affected by the sun. You can mount it on the intermediate scarf that your tent is attached to vehicle side awning You can add a dressing room or extra space to your tent with side awning rooms while being protected from sun and rain. In winter, the use of tents on the vehicle decreases due to the temperature. But what you can add to your vehicle top tent in-car heater Thanks to its systems, you can experience warm winter evenings in nature.
You can order the product you like from the vehicle top tent models in with installment options for all credit cards immediately, you can create your second hand vehicle tent that you have removed from your vehicle and put it up for sale here within minutes.

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