What is Off Road?

What is Off Road

Off road as a hobby is an adventurous journey with 4×4 off-road vehicles in the harsh conditions of nature . Although it is not exactly a sportive activity, it is possible to say that it is an adventure that is evaluated between both hobby and sport. Driving on challenging tracks under difficult conditions in nature is very enjoyable for off-road enthusiasts . In recent years, it has become very common in our country as well as in the world. In addition to being a personal hobby, off-road is an enjoyable activity, as well as competition events are organized. There are off-road racing organizations where professional off-road vehicle drivers compete on special tracks.

Off road accessory supported 4×4 vehicles are used in the off road race, which is based on overcoming the roughness in the shortest time in the world and in the fields where there is no road, and 2 off road race drivers compete together in the races. The motor vehicle race with the aim of completing a certain stage in the shortest time is organized in Turkey on the tracks organized by the organizer off-road clubs determined by TOSFED every year.

What does On-Road mean?

The word “On Road” comes first among vehicles with off-road vehicles in the ATV class. While on-road ATV motor vehicles, which are designed for on-road and asphalt driving due to the nature of their manufacture, can be used freely on the land, in order to use them in urban traffic in Turkey, you need to print a license plate approved by any traffic registration agency of the Republic of Turkey and attach it to your on-road vehicle.

How many cc tax is not collected from which Off Road Vehicles in Turkey?

No motor vehicle tax fee is charged in Turkey for 0 to 99 cc vehicles. On-road engines and off-road ATV models used without license plates and tax advantages in these vehicle classes are under intense criticism by motorcycle users.

The thing that gives pleasure to the driver when doing off-roading as a hobby with a normal light-equipped 4×4 is to be able to travel in difficult conditions and to pass those difficult obstacles. So much so that off-road tracks ; They were earthy mud fields formed by steep ramps, muddy swampy floors, deep waters, and grueling bumps that required traversing. Of course, such tracks can only be crossed with off-road vehicles with a 4×4 traction system and a locked differential. When choosing a 4×4 vehicle , you should first ask yourself how you want to participate in off road activities and choose the off road vehicle according to your style. Other people’s 4×4 vehicle recommendations do not reflect you, it should be a 4×4 vehicle that reflects your soul and attracts you. It is not possible to cover these roads with a passenger car. The aim in off road races and TRIAL races is to cross the obstacles that seem impossible to overcome and reach the end. And in these races, before a certain part of the vehicles can see the final line, the vehicle is disqualified due to accident or damage. It is now possible to find these trails in the city, as well as by off-road groups , their unique forest areas are used as a familiar track and they are loved very much. But unfortunately, off road vehicles are banned from entering forest areas because of the scavengers who turn the vehicle 360 degrees on it without noticing the farmer’s cultivated product from time to time. Let’s raise the awareness of our friends in our groups during off road trips and please pay attention to whether the areas we visit are cultivated areas.

As a dictionary meaning, Off-road is equivalent to traveling on land. Other terms used as off road in our country are ofroyd ofrod ofrad ofrot offroad offroad offroad offroad, please share your ideas with us under the content. Groups of friends, off road groups, or between families off road events and excursions on the race tracks in our country With the events held by TOSFED approved organizer clubs , it is officially named as the Turkish Off Road Championship in our country. In 2021, Petlas 2021 Turkey Off Road Championship is competing on behalf of the champion racer Kenan Collissanturk, who passed away this year.

What is the purpose of Off Road?

Although the simplest expression of the word’s meaning is actually known as the desire to go to places that cannot be reached by normal vehicles, which means off road in nature, it was produced and used for the first time in history for military espionage purposes to reach hard-to-reach places in nature. Nowadays, off-road activities are commonly held with family or friends, to small-scale off-road events with 3-4 4×4 vehicles, to Turkey Off Road Races, to upgrades. made with off road accessories and equipment such as spacer off road dodik side coating off road glass protection off road modified tuning applications, recently 4×4 or even 4×2 With the sales boom in pickup off road accessories , it is said that pickup trucks and off road vehicles are seen more frequently in the field. As a result, off road is a fun but expensive hobby in recent years, where at least 2 vehicles or more, and radios that require unity and solidarity, and all kinds of difficult bumps and dangers that you encounter on an unfamiliar route in nature, where vehicles move in harmony with each other. .

Istanbul Off Road Routes

Ankara Off Road Routes

What does off road car mean?

It is a fun hobby that is always done with a little passion for racing in nature as a group, proportional to the experience of driving on difficult surfaces such as mud, snow and soil with Off Road 4×4 vehicles and the effect of off road modified products and off road accessory equipment on the off road driving. A minimum of 4×4 vehicles are required to perform an off road hobby. off road accessories and In 4×4 vehicles , Off Road is actually Differential and Medium Lock With these, the level in driving, although the difficulty of the obstacles in the terrain goes up The driver loses the driving control more difficult, the 4×4 vehicle is aerodynamically andcompatibility of tires with upgrades SUV Vehicles that are not in the group but powered by powerful engines with a 4×4 traction system cannot adapt to the terrain because they do not have Off Road equipment. sedat, single door or convertible 4×4 car models are in the off-road car class, but they cannot dominate the terrain like off-road vehicles. Driving experience depends on many functions such as habituation to the vehicle, off road vehicle selection, off road tire selection, the effect of the loads on the vehicle on driving .

Can you go out to traffic with an off road atv?

Off Road ATV models consist of 2 types and you may be subject to large traffic fines in case of driving with models without plate. Off Road ATV models, which you can use the plateless model as you wish in nature, are constantly criticized by the owners of other engine types.

Off Road Races in Turkey

The off races, which are organized every year by the organizer clubs approved by TOSFED in Turkey, are ISOFF in Istanbul and ANDOFF in Ankara ., with off-road race tracks with challenging stages they prepare every year, and the swamps with increasing levels in the muddy stages on these tracks, gravel and rocky floors in the waterbed, and various soil, mud or snow, sand and rock. This race stage, which is made in teams of 2 as pilot and assistant, with 4×4 vehicles modified with 4×4 equipment reinforcement on mud path and ramp, is based on finishing in the shortest time. Turkey’s off-road sports are also performed by off-road lovers every week by thousands of off-road clubs or groups, on the date and time indicated by various names on their social media accounts, among the off-road people. You can participate in the off road events held with these groups open to guests , the Off Road Events held in Istanbul, and the other Offroad Travel Clubs via social media groups via Offroad.ist , and you can enjoy the off road passion by participating in the first event they plan, either with your friend, your spouse and your children.

Latest Off-Road News from Turkey

How is the Off Road done?

Fully confident off road race drivers who believe that they can pass with the help of modified off road accessories and equipment, compete with the difficult muddy marshes and off road racing vehicles that have to pass the hard landings on the tracks prepared by TOSFED with years of experience by experienced organizer Off Road clubs such as ISOFF and ANDOFF.

What are Automobile Sports in Turkey?


What is Rally? It is a race organization organized by TOSFED in Turkey, where the world is followed by state-of-the-art motor vehicles, which take place in forest areas that can only be passed with rally cars at high speeds, with sharp cornering bends in closed-to-traffic areas.


What is the Track ? What is the track in the asphalt race grounds, which are usually indoors, where the cars that will compete with the qualifying laps are determined and warm-up laps for the race and the track are held the day before.


The climbing race is organized on a special asphalt surface prepared for the race. At the beginning and after the race, the competitors start a total of 3 times, and the team that finishes the stage in the shortest time wins the race.


In the motor vehicle race run on asphalt or dirt track, the competitors start racing one by one and the race ends when the standard tracks between 600 meters and 1200 meters are completed. There are exciting moments in the race where a minimum distance of 4 to 8 km must be covered.


The beginning of the dream of driving a car in a boy, the first vehicle in the control of most of us, our tears that we stray freely, not afraid to crash, our tears flowing with the power of the wind, Karting races, also called Go kart or go kart in Turkey, come to the fore among Automobile Sports in Turkey.

Where are Off Road Races

You can follow the off road news about the off road races organized by the organizer off road clubs ( ISOFF – ANDOFF – Others ) approved by TOSFED, and be informed about the race and event announcements. With the images we shared after the event, you can say that you went to the event.

Offroad driving, on the tracks or in organic off road trips and activities in nature, which is recommended to be done with a helmet, frequently made in Turkey as a hobby, individually or as a group, off-road driving is generally done in succession in the form of vehicles, passing through difficult passes in turn, helping those who cannot pass, and after ten of the 4×4 vehicles proceed as a group on the track. Island off-road driving, which is given to collective or individual nature trips, which includes 4×4 lovers, whose owners are often friends as well as together, is called island off-road driving.

How Off Road Tracks Are

Off Road tracks are in a grueling and rough structure where normal vehicles cannot move. Off Road tracks with challenging sections consist of steep slopes, hard descents, swampy and muddy sections, and challenging water course. Due to the difficulty of the tracks, modifications are carried out on normal 4×4 vehicles.

How many racetracks are there in Turkey?

Unfortunately, the number of off-road racetracks in our country is 3, these are Ülküpark Track in İzmir, İstanbul Park Track, which also hosts off-road races from time to time, and İzmit Körfez Track, our smallest track.

What is off-road driving? How to use a 4*4 4X4 vehicle?

What is 4×4 high low?

What is the “Middle Lock” and Its Importance in Off-Road Vehicles?

… the vehicle may remain despite the locks. A vehicle without any locks may come and go at a suitable speed. Or, if we have set the vehicle to Low in order to activate the middle lock on a track where we can walk and pass by pressing the gas directly, the tires will not be able to reach the speed to get us out of where we are, no matter how much we press the gas. Result :4HLc, that is, the middle lock function can be activated in the high speed 4×4 …

Attachment is our basic need. When a transition is near to occur, the engine can jam even though the vehicle is at low . In this case, piloting or something would be garbage. However, none of the vehicles that are considered to be land-sufficient, especially when they are under low speed, do not eat gas, accumulate …

What You Need to Know Before Off-Road



I can’t hear you, but I think you will say that it makes sense to what you’re reading now. Off road is the most valuable time you can spend alone with your favorite one in nature, with a tent that you can mount on a private, sedan car without even needing a land vehicle for a 1-week vacation allowance that you can make for 2 people. Off road is sometimes leaving the off road group alone and listening to your head. Off road is family life. It is peace with your children and spouse. Off road is a weekend pleasure with your closest friends. Off road is the freedom of going off road. It is definitely camping life off road .

2-3 Ambitious short tours with 4×4 Vehicles with your closest friends

Sometimes 5-6 sometimes 2 3 It is a crispy off road trip with a 4×4 vehicle owner friend. Go out on the pretext of determining a route for a group trip on the weekend. In fact, 2-3 like-minded off-road lovers who were bored got into each other’s blood or could not break each other. In these 2 -3 vehicle off-road tours that start off, the limits are exceeded most of the time, the obstacles become difficult, and when you say you couldn’t pass, the 4×4 off-road vehicles will have difficulties, hard entrances to the ramps begin, and then the limits are exceeded in the fun sport that goes most of the time until 1 of the vehicles breaks the axle or chassis. Racing is in the nature of off-road and in this type of off-road trips, 1 or more vehicles are towed by another 4×4 with a winch and rescued from where they left off, on turns. Room The damaged off-road vehicle that was unconsciously hit on the mountain, stone , knows all the vehicles of the off-road group, half of it has been modified off-road in its shop, does not like the bargainer, does not make his vehicle, gets angry at those who ask too many questions, without angering the off-road vehicle master. We continue the adventure from where we left off, after we provide off road parts and have our coy master replace the parts we broke in the 4×4 traction vehicle system, which is generally made up of mechanical parts that are easy to disassemble.


Most of the off road lovers in Turkey are men aged 40 and over, 95%+. Naturally, after the age of 40, he finds the cure for off-road tuning by going to old-fashioned off-road tuning shops. Off road accessories, which are mounted without drilling the hood by sticking and tightening, enter an industrial site close to your location in your region and get support from our manufacturers by phone with an average fee of 100 TL or by clicking on the WhatsApp icons on the store and product pages and contacting them with camera phone support for the installation of the product you bought to your master in your region. The recipe for the recipe is easily transferred by our professional producers. In case of problems, you can cancel your order using your 14-day unconditional return guarantee and get a refund on the same day without waiting for the full price you paid. What is Off Road, in fact, Turkey does not know the rich or the poor. We try to help as much as we can, but we don’t think it’s right, after all, our aim is to raise awareness, no one should hesitate, everyone is right, it’s a newly sparked hobby in Turkey. didn’t pull. That’s why it’s normal not to know what is an off road accessory, what is an off road spacer , what is an off road snorkel good for, how to calculate the cost of an off road vehicle? Many thousands of euros 4×4 vehicles and their new owners remained in the off-road obstacle, which he passed in nature with his 80 model pickup truck. I say new owners because getting to know the Off Road vehicle is mastering the 4×4 vehicle . In the simplest terms, Off Road means that if you make trips with the same vehicle over time, you will act with the foresight of where it will sink and where it will come out as a result of recognizing the reactions of the vehicle. And that’s where the broken cars and adrenaline starts 🙂

Enjoying activities in nature together with your family

Your common hobby, where you can spend time together with your family in nature, will be the most enjoyable moments that you miss and look forward to, while off-road children play with their friends, and you miss the pleasant time you spend with your friends in your off-road group. Sometimes we see 4×4 off road vehicles in the rescue operation with AKUT and sometimes on the evening news. It comes to the rescue at the last points where there is no construction equipment, the time is short, and the road is not. It reaches 4×4 owners all over Turkey instantly via groups, and the nearest off-road lovers push all the limits of their vehicles in order to get off the road within minutes and reach the desired location as soon as possible. Giant 4x4s with huge off-road tires come to the fore with enthusiasm on national holidays. Accompanied by the roaring American voice and the smell of gasoline, they inflame our national feelings with various horn sounds and Turkish flags. Everyone would like it, off-road vehicles with v8 4000cc engine. Even though we are going through an off road preference period where pickup off road pickup trucks are mostly preferred nowadays, it is a V8 engine that makes you feel the vibration of the awesome power you feel with the pleasing sound you hear when you press the gas, by shaking it left and right every time you step on the gas .


Off Road Nature and calmness for you? Off Road mud skating racing?

Do you want to overcome every obstacle and adrenaline? Or is it comfort and peace? What is off road for you?

So before you ask what is Off Road, you have to ask yourself first, what is off road for you? The new generation grows up with an interest in nature, respectful, free from ignorance and knowing what they want. When the passion of the youth is added to the logic of freedom and everywhere with my vehicle, fun with friends is added, campsites turn into fun and social off-road activity areas. When Off Road enters your life, it starts to become your way of life over time. Your events, your perspective on life, the restaurants you go to, the hotels you stay in change. You can’t change the peace of nature with your off-road vehicle and your loved ones, or the most exciting snowy off-road trip with your friends. But you don’t know. Whether you’re a white-collar, blue-collar, boss, worker, retired or rich in family, always rich, if you’re curious after the age of 40, it’s useless to get into 20 jeeps. Let’s say you bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee, it is lightly built. The simplest example, with MT Off road tires fitted and raised, a piece is attached to the fenders, the mudguards are bulging. As an Offroad.ist official from the very beginning, I know our members well and I agree. You bought a pickup truck in a trade, 4×4 pickup means nothing for you to be a 4×4, luck swap. Maybe 4×2 is better for you, even with low-tax diesel, it burns a little, and the sides are rear-wheel drive. But unfortunately that is not the case. Unfortunately, you don’t know what an off road is if you haven’t had the pleasure of struggling with the water entering the stream and entering the stream while trying to cross the rumbling stream with your 4×4 off road vehicle. If you’re reeling with co-pilot just because you got burned, Harun is coming from behind, you don’t know what an off road is if you haven’t taken the most challenging, muddy, snowy ramps with slaloms, side-to-side 4x4s, which even yourselves are amazed by.

You can keep 3 times the price you pay in the off road tuning shop in your pocket, and you can place your orders online with installment options for all credit cards with Offroad.ist Assurance . Offroad.ist agrees with the manufacturer with the best price guarantee and offers it to its users. The product descriptions include raw material information and supply method. Among the off-road equipment, there are 3 different types of product supply methods: machine-printed off-road equipment, imported off-road accessories and handmade off-road equipment, and they directly affect off-road accessory pricing together with raw material prices such as fiber ABS plastic, iron, steel and metal. .

Generally, Off Road Tours are organized in the mines area around Kemerburgaz, Eyüp district of Istanbul. Kemerburgaz Çiftalan region has an excellent forest. Thanks to the ruins of the old quarry, it has almost turned into a natural off-road track. An off road race track is located inside the forest road. Off road lovers do not have to pay any fee to use this track. You can experience the excitement of racing in forest land conditions by taking your off-road vehicles to this track, which is free of charge. It is a place not only for off road enthusiasts, but also for the family to get away from stress and relax.

When Istanbul is mentioned, an urbanized metropolitan structure full of high-rise buildings comes to mind. But there are also places in the city that will take you away from the city and stay alone with nature on weekends. These places are located far from the city center of Istanbul. These places are used as off-road places where those who love to do sports with off-road vehicles fight on weekends. Another venue in Istanbul is the off road track located in Demirciköy, a district of Sarıyer, Garipçe. It is one of the most preferred places for off road tours. Because this is an easy track suitable for beginners. However, if you want to race on a more challenging track professionally, it is recommended to go to Uskumruköy in the Sarıyer region. The off road track, located in the Kısırkaya region in Uskumruköy, is one of the most difficult venues in Istanbul. In addition, there is another track, which is in high demand, in the Gümüşdere section of Uskumruköy. With the off road track in Gümüşdere Where and how to do Off-Road in Istanbul? Campgrounds and Routes You can get detailed information about it and join us with comments.

On the Anatolian side of Istanbul, there are impressive natural wonders that host off-road trips. If you want to feel that you belong to nature, relax, stay away from the eyes, and get rid of the negative energy on you, you should prefer Ömerli Dam on this side. After the Ömerli dam, the Şile road is in front of us. Apart from the picnic areas, there are also off-road tracks. Şile is an indispensable place for off road enthusiasts. Since the forest road in Şile is a difficult terrain, it creates a breathtaking challenge for off-road vehicles. It is also known that there are areas where off road trips can be made in the upper parts of Tuzla and Kurtköy regions on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. New discoveries are made and tours are organized in these areas.

What are the Absolutely Necessary Off Road Accessory Products for Off Road?

If there is absolutely no towing rope and winch crane among the off road accessories that you have to have with you before you set off for the offroad, your team must definitely have a 4×4 off-road vehicle with a crane. The vehicle, which is in a dangerous situation as a result of vehicle slipping at the cliff edge crossings and is dangerous to move, should be intervened with a crane, If necessary, by affecting the direction of towing with eyebolt rope and pulley, if necessary, the vehicle in danger is rescued from where it was left off with centimetric pulling movements. Of course, in these cases, you must have a radio in your vehicle with which you can easily communicate within the group. Your vehicle should be ready for night trips. With off road lighting equipment such as the moonvisor led bar, it should make your vision clear and bright enough. .

What are the must-have Off Road Accessory products for Off Road?

  • Crane
    Off Road crane models are among the only essential off road accessory products that help you save your teammate who is stuck in a swamp or in a dangerous area.
  • Moonvisor
    What is Moonvisor? What does it do ? Moonvisor, which we examined in detail in the article titled, has recently become very popular in off-road vehicles and pick-up trucks. The LED moonvisor, which is mounted on the windshield, is one of the equipment that you can add to your pickup vehicle or off-road vehicle at the most affordable price with the advantage of mounting without drilling the hood, especially with its silicone adhesive structure, and the off-road appearance that it gives to the vehicle instantly with its ready electric LED installation.

    Pitch dark nights await you as the Off Road crosses the terrain. So much so that most of the time, we can witness that you will come across nights in off-road camps, where you will say that you have never seen a dark night like this in my life. You should be able to see in front of you and even far away easily on these nights. Today, you can order affordable lighting equipment online among hundreds of imported and high quality led bar products, and you can take advantage of 14-day unconditional return assurance and card installments in your orders. Our article titled ” How to Choose an Off Road Led Bar? “, in which we give advice on how to choose among led lighting products, should you look at the watt power when buying a led bar, or examine other features, will be guiding.
  • Off Road Upgrade Kits
    In addition, off-road upgrade kits, which are among the top classic 4×4 off-road vehicle equipment and will add easy capability to your off-road driving, will definitely create a multiple plus effect in your transitions on muddy roads with AT or MT off-road tires with a few cm raises.
  • Off Road Spacer
    With the spacer flange you will choose from among the off road spacer models we have made for all vehicles, you can easily place your order with the advantage of installments on all credit cards at the most affordable price. Those who do not have more information about the spacer, which is generally requested by the drivers after the fender dodik assembly What is spacer? What does it do? You can check our article.
  • What is a snorkel system?
    What does snorkel do? Off road snorkel options that are perfectly compatible with your vehicle allow your vehicle ‘s engine to breathe through water passages . How to get air with snorkel? Off- road snorkeling , which is a mandatory requirement especially for off-road lovers, unfortunately, during activities without the vehicle, as a result of entering the creek crossings or the invisible puddles, if there is no off-road snorkel in the vehicle, the engine takes water and this imprudence costs the vehicle owner a new engine. Therefore, if you have an off-road plan for the weekend and you do not have a pipe in your vehicle that resembles a stove pipe and has pierced the hood of your vehicle from the right or left and goes all the way up to the ceiling, do not come to the wrong place behind the people and make mistakes in the water passages.

  • What is Moonvisor? Mounted on the roof section of the windshield in off-road vehicles, it protects your eyes against the steep rays of the sun while driving, while protecting your eyes from the invitations that may occur as a result of a momentary sun exposure while driving.

Off-road, off-road rides are bicycle adventures that hobby-level users can also do with safety equipment, especially helmets.

What does pallet mean? What does it have to do with Off Road?

Pallets, which are used in common life, generally in the military industry, in short, in tanks, are at the forefront of vehicle reinforcement elements used to overcome obstacles with plastic or metal options in 4×4 vehicles. This unique system, which is designed for tanks in the military so that they do not stop and continue in all kinds of terrain, can easily be applied to off-road vehicles with its structure on all kinds of ground. In fact, it is so easy that it was harder to write these lines here, believe me. Pallets for off-road vehicles are among the first among the off-road accessory products that stand out with their affordable prices and the driving ability they provide to your vehicle on all surfaces. With the reinforcement of the chains inside these metal or plastic alloy metal strips, it creates the same effect inside your vehicle as the tank moves on the ground, and you can easily make progress with your vehicle in difficult conditions.

What does 4×2 car mean?

Almost 75% of the private cars we use today are called rear wheel drive vehicles. The vehicle’s traction system produces continuous active power as 2 wheels on 4 wheels. This system, which is a wheel drive system in all-terrain vehicles, namely 4×4, is divided into 2 as rear wheel drive or front wheel drive in automobiles and other sedan or sw vehicles. Also check out the Off Road Car Section

What does 4×2 car mean? The fact that a vehicle is 4×2 means it is either front or rear wheel drive. In other words, the power is sent to either the front or rear wheels, allowing the vehicle to move.

What is a Real Off-Road Vehicle? What are Pilotage, Off Road Techniques?

In addition to what a real off-road vehicle should be, piloting and off-road driving techniques in off-road driving are carefully written. What is an off-road vehicle? Off road information content that every reader thanks.

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