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Current Off-Road Vehicles for Sale , which you can buy to cross the stream from the lake, in the field. Up-to-date off- road vehicle advertisements for popular 4×4 brands such as Offroad Jeep , Mitsubishi , and Land Rover , equipped with Off Road Accessory products, with 4×4 and 4×2 traction systems, with enhanced off-road capability.

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2008 Suzuki grand vitara for sale

2008 MODEL ORIGINAL SUZUKI GRAND VITARA ONLY 103.000 KM GASOLINE AND CYLINDER NO DAMAGE REGISTRATION, CHANGED AND PAINT…. SPECIAL COLOR RARE WHITE COLOR IT HAS ORIGINAL TOWBAR AND IS WORKED ON LICENSE. This ad was sent by our member Sedat Bah├žac─▒o─člu to the 4×4 trading group on 2021-10-09 13:20:59 and has received 1 like […]

2006 KIA SPORTAG For Sale

All of its extras are working smoothly. (sunr oof, seat heating, cruise control etc.) We sold our car, which we bought for a trailer and used without any problems, due to the need for cash. All maintenance has been done on time and regularly. Timing set replacement and other heavy maintenance were done 10,000 km […]

1986 Price dropped urgent! NO NEGOTIATION Isuzu Trooper 1.5cab (4×4) Isuzu TROOPER 1.5cab – For Sale

1.5 CAB (SINGLE IN TR) 2.8 DIESEL TROOPER (4×4) Contact= 05452017851 It is especially suitable for camping, hunting and light offroad. It is around 1300 kg. The 2.8 diesel engine turns the vehicle very easily. Our vehicle has just been restored. The visa was issued until 02.10.2023. (CAR LICENSED). VEHICLE FEATURES 2.8 ORIGINAL DIESEL ISUZU […]

2004 Nissan X-TRAIL For Sale

It is a user agent, it works at half-start The last 6 pictures are made of bumpers. The bumpers are currently intact, there are no broken pieces. All maintenance and necessities have been done, there is nothing missing or costly. I WRITE AGAIN NO COST, NOT EVEN 1 TL. Periodic maintenance done 1 month ago […]