WhatsApp Trading Groups

The WhatsApp era has officially started in communication between buyers and sellers on, the online shopping site where vehicle accessories and spare parts sellers are concentrated in Turkey. With a single click on the “Click to Reach via WhatsApp” buttons added to the store pages and product advertisements in the market, you can log in to the Trade Group of the seller and send your questions via whatsapp without having to be a registered member of You can place your order by wire transfer or credit card in whatsapp groups where trade is carried out with the assurance and follow-up of, and you can report your requests about the product before and after the order.

By clicking on the whatsapp icons in each product posting, you can log in to the trade group belonging to the seller of the product you selected, and find answers to your questions.

How to Open WhatsApp Trade Group?

Whatsapp groups of all stores on are opened and managed by us.

my shop After giving a name to your store in the section, you can create a free store in the online shopping marketplace by specifying the required IBAN information in order to send you the name, surname, TR identity number and order fees in the lower section, and clicking the send option for review. You can start secure selling in WhatsApp trading groups.

Popular WhatsApp Trading Groups on

Vendor Tuning WhatsApp Trading Group

Vendor Tuning, which has been selling in the marketplace for a long time, now supports our members through the whatsapp trade group. You can log in to the Vendor Tuning WhatsApp Trade Group by clicking the whatsapp link on the page of the Vendor Tuning store or in any of its advertisements.×4-aksesuarlari-2/

4x4TeknoCity WhatsApp Trade Group

The 4x4teknocity store, which has been among the bestsellers on for a long time, is also the official sales representative of Turkey’s Biggest 4×4 Pickup Accessory Brand 4×4 Teknocity Line Pickup Accessories. You can view the products sold by 4x4teknocity via the link below, and log in to the 4x4teknocity WhatsApp Trade Group with the whatsapp buttons in their postings.

Yurtbar is a former member of and also a wholesaler, who sells products such as LED, off-road lighting, strobes and headlights in wholesale retail, as well as the spare parts and electrical parts of these products at the most affordable prices. You can always reach Yurtbar Led Lighting company officials via Yurtbar WhatsApp Trade group, whose products can be viewed below.

Taurus Design Turkey is an artisan, artisanal and principled manufacturer from Turkmenistan that makes roof basket, iron bumper equipment, off road modification design, technical change and 4×4 equipment suitable for terrain conditions and gives the right to the job. You can access 4×4 off road equipment designed by Taurus Turkey through the shop on, and you can order online with installment options for all credit cards. You can instantly contact the officials of the company, which is among the approved vendors on, via Taurus Turkey WhatsApp Trade Group .

You can reach the whatsapp trade groups of other shops in the online marketplace from the off road accessory shops section.

By creating a free store on, you can take advantage of our professional virtual store management support, as well as promote your brand, receive regular weekly orders, and collect your payments with the assurance of iyzico, Turkey’s largest credit card infrastructure provider, with which we have a contract.

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